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RBG - Songs From the Little Blue House

Run By The Gun's debut album, Songs From the Little Blue House. These are the collection of songs that RBG's characters, Jonah and Peter, write record and play in the comic book series.

But Run By The Gun is a real band. Make no mistake. What might be RBG's most interesting aspect is its' existence as a real-life entity that does what all bands do: Run By The Gun makes records, they make videos, they play shows. The use the media of their culture to further their art and inform the public of it. RBG have gotten drunk and high in music and art studios in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey - they've sung and written and played their hearts out eating nothing but Miller High Lifes and Advils for a couple of says straight.

SFTLBH is special not only because it's Run By The Guns first, but it's also released in a cassette shaped USB thumb drive.

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